Persistence isn’t an easy thing, and it hasn’t been on my journey. It doesn’t come naturally to me, necessarily, to be persistent. It takes a practice of mindfulness and a practice of putting your own health first. Although much of my life has involved persistence, I have only recently realized it has also become the center of how I approach my health.

My name is Jamie Feinberg. I’ve been battling a variety of auto-immune symptoms and conditions since 2013, including rosacea, dryness (skin, mouth, eyes, etc.), chronic fatigue, carpal tunnel and Raynaud’s Syndrome – and I’ve also struggled with chronic yeast infections during this time. Chronic mono has also been a factor. At the beginning of this year, after more than six months of frustration in figuring out what is causing my symptoms, I began focusing on how my own actions could lead me on a journey to health. Through a persistent focus on exercise, diet, meditation and more, I am working toward a healthier me, learning a lot along the way.