Setting Goals and Enjoying The Journey

Last year was a really important year for me. More than a year ago, I joined a newly forming accountability group. Overtime, it became more of a mastermind group, made up of five amazing women ready to achieve new things. I joined the group, honestly, because it was free, and because I had big goals for 2018 and had read a lot of things that talked about the importance of accountability. I thought joining a group like this could get me that accountability.

What an incredible year it was! I didn’t end 2018 rich, by any means, but I gained some absolutely incredible experience and perspective that is truly transforming my life this year. I’ve got incredible health habits and the knowledge of how to keep refining and building on them with each week and month. I have an incredible work routine and schedule that is time-tested and truly works for me. I have big picture goals that I’m working for and a document to track the wins, big and small, along the way. And thanks to my monthly book reading, which lead to daily self-help and learning through podcasts, I’m reinforcing positivity and feeling inspired and like my goals are truly feasible.

A big piece of all of this, as you may already know, is gratitude. I need to be thankful for everything I have and for the lifestyle that will lead me to my bigger dreams. Luckily, this comes pretty naturally to me. But it’s a discipline and it truly makes a difference. If you don’t clear the space and prepare yourself for success, you won’t know how to handle it when you get it!

I think the number one theme of my life right now, day to day, is to take the next step. I don’t know the path to success. I don’t know what step #7 is going to be. But if I can articulate where I’m going, hopefully I can articulate the very next step. And that’s honestly all I need to know right now.

I was thrilled to hit almost all of my goals for January (or surpass them). I’m so excited to see what’s next in my life. I only wish I had more hours in a day – but I’m truly making the most of what I do have.

What’s the one thing you’ll do today to further your goals?


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